One hundred and fifty-two years after natural disasters wreaked havoc on both coasts, Americans have migrated inward. Small shops and tiny apartments are awarded based on one’s occupational status set forth by the American Sustainability Act. Bioware implants make life easier for many by providing convenient methods of communication, entertainment, health tracking applications, as well as complete memory recall. 

Dr. Mason Mehta is an Anamnesis Specialist at Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis. He helps his patients process their recorded memories, both good and bad. He must also act as a conduit to the Authorities to report acts of abuse shared within his sessions. 

Estile Gibson works on the Gibson family farm in Summerfield, IL. She is a Naturalist who does not use or even approve of technology like the bioware implants. 

An unlikely whirlwind romance between Mason and Estile is interrupted when Mason is viciously attacked by a murderess on the run. The Authorities want Estile to assist the investigation by receiving a bioware implant. Can she go against her beliefs to find justice for Mason?

Publication Date: June 8, 2016

Changing Realms

Since her earliest memories, Elizabeth has lived two lives at the same time.  She experiences the transition from present-day California to rural England in 1555 the instant she falls asleep each night. 

As a child, orphaned Elizabeth was diagnosed as schizophrenic and institutionalized at a psychiatric hospital in northern California.  She convinced the doctors at Marlowe Psychiatric Hospital her delusions stopped and was released on her 18th birthday.  Dr. Philip Sawyer takes on the responsibility of her state-mandated out-patient psychotherapy which is contingent upon her release.  He is convinced she was wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic but suspects she is hiding a delusional disorder for fear of re-institutionalization.

In the other realm, Elizabeth lives as the daughter of an English nobleman in the mid-sixteenth century.  She is convinced a magic spell split her soul during birth which allows her to inhabit two bodies during two different time periods. She hopes to find a spell to unite her soul into one body.

Publication Date: June 2, 2015

2nd Edition: May 20, 2022

An Original Roswell

During a NASA mission dedicated to seeking a new habitable planet, the cameras onboard broadcast the first known imagery of the planet Palu back to the control room in Houston. The flight director of the mission, Sara Carvalo, instantly recognizes similarities between the terrain of Palu and a painting that was handed down for generations in her family. A painting gifted to her family by a visiting stranger in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s. She calls this painting her Original Roswell. 

After Sara connects the painting to Palu, she meets Garrett. He promises her answers, but first she needs to give up her entire existence on Earth. The events to follow are a transcendental adventure which allows Sara to explore the universe in a way she never thought possible.

Publication Date: July 31, 2014